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Pure Alternatives has developed a fabulous holistic skin care line that is 100% Natural and Organic. With over 50% of the world's population being over the age of 40, the pursuit of agelessness has intensified. According to, the skin care market has grown more than 40% in the last 8 years! Now is the time to take part in the fully-organic side of skin care. Unlike other skin care companies, Pure Alternatives has 100% Organic and All-Natural ingredients in each and every product.

Pure Alternatives
Pure Alternatives will provide you with the best care for your skin. The organic ingredients found in the entire Radiant Glow Product Line will aid your skin in maintaining a youthful glow and keep you looking healthier and younger every day.

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Review the personal success of some of our customers below:

Leon R. - McMinnville, OR
Radiant Glow Spray Oil
It moisturized my skin while protecting it from harmful ultra violet sun rays. I like the way it absorbed into my skin without an oily residue and the citrus added a pleasant refreshing smell.

Mary B. - Rock Island, IL
Radiant Glow Body Cream
I am so surprised that a 86 year old gentleman noticed that my hands were softer than before after using the body cream for two days. This is not normal for this guy to say anything because normally he does not compliment you for hardly anything. I have known him for six years and now take care of him two nights per week. I have not tried the other products, but now am anxious to do so.

Tammy V. - Dryden, MI
Radiant Glow Facial Cream
Within the first few applications and days I had noticeable reduction in fine lines around the eye and forehead areas, these were the areas I was gunning for! I've used MOST of the celebrity endorsed products with little results, other than my husband's wallet. I'm looking forward to continued results as I have only used this product a few times. I WILL CONTINUE!

Brian B. - Madelia, MN
Radiant Glow Facial Cream
I work constuction and am outside a lot over the years. I have developed squint lines around eyes. I used this product for 2 weeks and I am noticing the lines are going away. I also rub into my cracked hand and it is doing wonders on them also. Great product!

Trudy G. - Schererville, IN
Radiant Glow Skin Care Line
I love Pure Alternatives products! In a very short time I have seen them doing to my skin what they say they can do. I am extremely sensitive to additives and chemicals and yet, I've experienced only positive results with all of the products! The entire skin care line is awesome....and I have older skin. I am proud to say I am now a Pure Alternatives Rep in Indiana BECAUSE I have seen for myself . . . results without problems. I am blessed.

Katheryn L. - Parkesburg, PA
Radiant Glow Spray Oil
Worked to prevent peeling of sunburn and took the sting away. Great product!

Jean B. - Cabot, AR
Radiant Glow Spray Oil
I have had problems with my scalp; it is so dry, flaky, etc. I put a cap full of oil on my head (wet my hair) then rubbed it in good and wrapped it with a towel for 20-30 minutes. I then used my shampoo and washed my hair as usual. I did this twice a week and all itch is about gone. I am so glad I bought this product.

Dorothy W. - Estero, FL
Radiant Glow Body Lotion
I suffer from sun and heat sensitivity that results in swelling. After a week's of the lotion, there was a noticeable improvement in the softness and smoothness of my skin; the rough appearance is improving.

Lucy O. - Bellevue, MI
Radiant Glow Facial Cream, Spray Oil, and Body Cream
I have dry skin and eczema. All three products are working well and my skin is getting better. I give these products 4 stars!

Audrey W. - Bronx, NY
Radiant Glow Facial Cleanser/Exfoliant/Cream, Body Lotion/Cream, and Spray Oil
I have adult acne and aging gracefully and keeping my skin as youthful and healthy-looking as possible is a main concern of mine; I like for my skin to have that youthful glow (like it's alive).
As a new family member of Pure Alternatives, I definitely give Pure Alternatives ***** 5 STARS on all the Radiant Glow Product Line. I especially like using the facial cream and spray oil on my face together. The oil has blood orange in it, which promotes very healthy skin, plus I happen to like the smell of it spritzed on my face. I've even use the Body Cream and Lotion in conjuction with the Oil and my skin still looked youthful and healthy.
We need skin care products that are superior, affordable, and true to the results they render (a little goes a long way!). PURE ALTERNATIVES has the RIGHT idea of enabling those of us who ar concerned about a healthier looking appearance (in today's toxic and polluted society) to acheive our desire through their Radiant Glow Product Line - AND without cutting corners.
Pure Alternatives is definitely back to basics - Aloe, Neem, Lemon, Orange, Sugar Cane, etc. - just to name a few of the ingredients. PURE ALTERNATIVES skin care is affordable (especially when purchasing through an Authorized Independent Representative, like myself, with the 20% discount). And above all, it works!

Renne T. - Interlachen, FL
Radiant Glow Spray Oil and Facial Cream
My face has normal to oily areas ("T" sections). My face has a soft, smooth texture after cleaning and moisturizing with Radiant Glow Cleanser and Facial Cream. "Baby soft skin" is a good way to describe how it feels.
Radiant Glow Spray Oil is the lightest oil I've ever put on my skin, but does NOT leave an oily film behind! It absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving softness and a light, wonderful citrus scent behind. Spray Oil helps "seal" the skin to protect it from harm.
I am looking forward to many years of beautiful, soft, healthy skin! Best of all, the natural ingredients!!

Harriet K. - Tulsa, OK
Radiant Glow Refreshing Facial Cleanser
I have psoriasis and oily skin.
This non-foaming mild cleanser is good for my skin type. It cleanses my skin nicely and leaves it feeling smooth and nice. I recommend it to all people to try and get their own. I believe this organic/healthy product will work and make me look like I have young skin again.

Wanda-Jean L. - Elmore City, OK
Radiant Glow Refreshing Facial Cleanser and Facial Cream
Just one week of using these products proved to be reason enough for me to switch from the products I have used for years. My skin remains soft and silky throughout the day.
There are several factors that makes the Radiant Glow products special. They, are first of all, natural, have a very pleasant scent, and last a long time because it only takes a very small amount for each use.

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